SecurityBible Back on Air

 George Chlapoutakis    09 Jul 2017 : 16:09



Yes, after a relatively long period of time, SecurityBible is back up and running.

After a few months of downtime and a fair few attempts to change its style to a more Web-2.0 and what-the-cool-kids-use CMS, I've decided to move it back to e107, which is the CMS I first used on SBN, as it was the most worry-free one I've ever used, allowing me to make changes and add content quickly and safely enough.

Because, quite honestly, after the amazingly busy last few months (full of on-call shifts for multiple accounts at work and lots of other distractions), I prefer to not focus so much on having a "kewl" Web-2.0 hipster site, but rather on the actual content.

Having said that, most of the content has been added, only a few more bits left to do which I'll be working on intermittently.

Thank you,

George Chlapoutakis